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Name:Aaron Hotchner
Birthdate:Aug 22
Location:Quantico, Virginia, United States of America
Aaron Hotchner is a Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He heads up a team with the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) which consists, or has consisted of; Senior SSA Jason Gideon (former), Senior SSA David Rossi, SSA Elle Greenway (former), SSA Emily Prentiss, Senior SSA/Tactical Trainer Derek Morgan, SSA Spencer Reid, SSA Jennifer Jareau, Technical Analyst/Media Director Penelope Garcia, and Agent Ashley Seaver (former, transferred to another team). In addition to being a BAU Special Agent and also the BAU Unit Chief, Hotch has been promoted to Section Chief because Erin Strauss, the former Unit Chief, resigned in the episode because she had been drinking on the job.

Hotch first met his future wife Haley Brooks in high school. They married soon thereafter, and were initially happy together. Before joining the FBI, Hotch worked as a prosecutor for the District Attorney's office. He has a younger brother named Sean, a New York City-based chef. His mother is an alumna of Mary Baldwin College - home of the Squirrels - in Staunton, VA. Their father was a workaholic lawyer who survived cancer, and suffered a heart attack at 47, dying while Sean was still a child. His mother is an alumna of Mary Baldwin College - home of the Squirrels - in Staunton, VA. Their father was a workaholic lawyer who survived cancer, and suffered a heart attack at 47, dying while Sean was still a child. It was strongly implied that Hotch suffered abuse at the hands of his father, and that his mother knew but did nothing to prevent it. Following the birth of his son Jack, Hotch's work with the BAU began disrupting his family life. Following a two-week suspension in 2007 (engineered by office rival Section Chief Erin Strauss after a case at a college campus in Flagstaff, Arizona that ended in disaster when both serial killer Nathan Tubbs and copycat killer Anna Begley died, he requested a transfer to a different division, which pleased Haley, until Derek Morgan convinced him to help the team with a case in Milwaukee. He changed his mind about leaving the department, and when he returned home, he found that Haley had taken Jack and left him. He was later served with divorce papers at work. Hotch attempted to see Jack weekly, but was unable to spend time with him as often as he would like.

Tthe team worked one of Hotch's old cases: the case of the Boston Reaper. Hotch revealed to Rossi that he had maintained an interest in the case over the ten years since he had investigated it. It was also shown that the Reaper, a power-hungry predator, had taken an interest to Hotch himself. After being misled for a time, Hotch and the team finally identified the Reaper as George Foyet, the only one to have supposedly survived the Reaper by injuring himself. Hotch and the team arrested Foyet but he escaped from prison shortly after, going on the run. Hotch was confronted in his apartment by the Reaper (identified by his trademark mask). Foyet stabbed Hotch nine times before delivering him to the hospital. Although Hotch survived, Foyet took Haley's and Jack's address from Hotch's apartment, requiring them to be placed in protective custody and unable to contact Hotch while Foyet was at large. Following the encounter with Foyet, and subsequent loss of contact with his family, there was concern within the Bureau, and also on the part of Agent Morgan, that Agent Hotchner was suffering the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Hotchner's actions were analysed more closely. When Chief Strauss once again began putting pressure on Hotchner, Hotch decided to stand down as unit chief to avoid being reassigned to a different unit, relinquishing his position to Morgan. Morgan accepted Hotch's position, but stated that he would stand down once Foyet had been captured.

Shortly thereafter Foyet reappeared, baiting Hotchner through correspondence with an old Unsub (The Fox) who had since been imprisoned since being captured. With the help of the team, Hotchner proceeded to track Foyet, who posed as a US Marshal in order to locate Haley and Jack. Having gained access to her home, Foyet had Haley call Hotch, where she realized what happened. While Hotch managed to issue a code to his son, Jack, to get him to run and hide, he didn't arrive in time to save his ex-wife, who Foyet murdered while she remained on the phone with Hotch. Upon arriving at the house, Hotch found Haley's body in the bedroom and noticed Foyet hiding behind the curtains. A full-out fight ensued, with Foyet eventually surrendering, though Hotchner, enraged and afraid for his son's life, continued to beat him to death until the rest of the team arrived; Morgan had to physically restrain Hotch to get him to stop his rampage. During an inquiry by Section Chief Strauss, the team demonstrated complete support of Agent Hotchner, despite Strauss's persistence in painting Hotchner's actions as premeditated. Her position towards the events eventually changed upon speaking directly with Agent Hotchner who, when asked what he believed would have happened if Foyet had lived, responded: "I don't have to think; I know that he would have tried to kill my son too." Chief Strauss concluded that Hotchner's actions were entirely justifiable.

After his ex-wife's murder, Hotch took time off to grieve and spend time with his son. He spoke at Haley's funeral. It was clear that Jack was missing his mother, and was comforted to sleep in his dad's bed. Hotch was offered early retirement from the BAU in order to be with his son. However, after Haley's sister, Jessica, offered to stay with Jack when Hotch had to go away, Hotch agreed and decided to return to the BAU. Since then, Hotch has attempted to build a better relationship with his son by being his pillar of support. Many of Jack's actions make it clear that he holds his father in high regard. For example, Jack is shown playing with two figures at the dinner table. He explains to his father that one figure is Hotch, while the other is a "bad guy". When Jack's Aunt Jessica, who is making pancakes for dinner, asks Jack who is going to win, he replies: "Daddy. No one beats Daddy." He refuses to dress up as Spider-Man for Halloween because "he's not a real super hero". Instead Jack puts on a suit that is slightly too large for him, and when Hotch asks him what hero he's supposed to be, he says, "I'm you, Daddy." Later on, Hotch is asked to coach Jack's soccer team when the team's performance lacks and he decides to do it with a little help from Rossi who he takes on as his assistant.

Hotchner considers his team to be his friends. He is protective of the team and its members, especially Emily Prentiss, showing particular concern for her well-being such as when Prentiss is tracking down her old nemesis Ian Doyle, Hotch calls in Jennifer Jareau to help find them. The team arrive too late to stop Doyle and find Prentiss badly injured with a wooden stake in her stomach. Knowing that Doyle would come back to finish Prentiss if he found out she was still alive, Hotch and JJ fake Prentiss's death, even resorting to lying to the team to protect her and get her out of the country with a new identity and enough money to be comfortable. He is also very protective of Spencer Reid, which is shown in smaller ways throughout the episodes. Hotch explains that they introduce him as Dr. Spencer Reid instead of Special Agent Spencer Reid so that people would respect him more because of his age. He has mostly taken over the fatherly role for Spencer after Gideon's departure.

Hotch was assigned to temporary duty with an investigative task force in Pakistan during the period between seasons. Once Hotch gets back, he tells JJ it's time for the team to learn that Prentiss is alive. Although JJ isn't sure it's a good idea, Hotch tells her Prentiss is already on her way. He quickly tells the team what happened with Prentiss on the operating table. Rossi, Morgan, Reid, and Garcia are all shocked. Hotch witnesses Reid's hostile behavior towards Prentiss and more so on JJ and tells him to take his anger out on him and not JJ. Reid only replies that it wasn't him who he spent ten weeks crying over Prentiss to, it was JJ and she never said a word.

[Hotch and Thomas Gibson are not mine. Hotch is from the CBS show Criminal Minds. Muse and mun are over 18.]
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